“I have always imagined that paradise will be a kind of library”

Do you have a book that is very close to your heart? Do you yearn to discuss it with others? Do you sometimes wish that you access to a library which gets bigger every few days?
There is no greater pleasure than going through your favorite book. But knowing that someone you know possesses the book which you were looking very hard for is an unparalleled pleasure. Happenstance, some would call it. But we the Literary committee of AIIMS BBSR are striving to make that happenstance a more frequently occurring one.
The ‘VIRTUAL LIBRARY’ as it is called ( don’t get dissuaded by the name, the books are very much real) serves to create a list of books available with the students in the college. It is a unique concept which eliminates the constraints of space and helps the students lend and borrow books within a framework of rules, like a real library ( so no more not returning after borrowing!). Remember, there’s no knowing what you may find next door.

I’m sure the bookworms must be all ears by now, so read on to know more. (Refer to the menu)


Credits: The ‘Virtual Library’ has been conceptualized by Pratyush Prateek, AIIMS BHOPAL and this is just an extension of the idea to help bibliophiles in our college too.







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